2012 Ranger 2410 Bay Boat
Humminbird Quad Beam 
D. Smith  FL

 "I am a happy and satisfied SternMate customer with no holes in my boat. None. The transducer (with trim tabs)
holds the bottom depth to at least 46.4 MPH. No rooster tail and all is well. Turns to port and starboard with
no loss of signal, at speed. Again, I thank you for all of the tips and information you shared with me".
22 ft NorthRiver Commander Jet
Humminbird HDSI, Humminbird Quadbeam and speed wheel
D. Blatt Washington

Our customer displays multiple transducers mounted on his SternMateDUO™.  UPDATE: June 14, 2012

"Hi again"...The new photo is more accurate (than the original) if someone is looking at it for a guide. You'll notice the
inside transducer was raised from the original photo.  Both transducers and Humminbird units work perfect. Great mounting
system to say the least. That's coming from someone who knew "squat" about installing these things, but the system made it easy".
Humminbird 898
"Fishfinger" Eau Claire WI

"I installed one of these (Sternmate) on my boat over four holes from the previous owner which really cleaned up the back of my boat. It allows for a lot of adjustment and it seems like a very well thought out product. It moves the transducer away from the stern a ways where the water rises up after exiting the bottom of the boat so the transducer can be mounted higher. When on the trailer the transducer for my 898 looks like it would be out of the water on plane...it holds the bottom at my top speed of 44mph and I have very little spray coming off of it". Side Imaging Soft Forums    May 4, 2011
​"M/V Passage"  40ft. Trawler
B and B Fendly -  Newport OR      7/2012

Owner has installed a Humminbird backup sonar on the transom of his liveaboard trawler. Large or small,
SternMate™ meets many needs and finds its home around the world with owners who love their boats.
"Just installed the [Sternmate] on my kids Whaler last night. Follow the directions very closely and take your time and you end up with a very professional looking job. Allows for adjustment of the transducer after installation, and best of all no holes in the transom Well worth the (investment) in my opinion".

Oean City, NJ
"The Hull Truth"
Tracker 175 Targa
Paul H.      Stewartstown, PA

I was able to install the product (SternMate) and I am very impressed. I have a Tracker 175 Targa Sport and did not want to drill additional holes for a new Side Imaging unit I installed. The install was easy and I found the directions were very clear. If I ever purchase another boat I will be a return customer. Thanks.
Hummingbird 898
Texas Fishing Forum

"I recently got an 898 and due to the configuration of my transom had to run two transducers with a y cable. I used SternMates to mount them and just love it. Pretty much infinintely adjustable to make sure you get the best possible resolution and very easy to install plus no hole in the boat. To add to all that they are right here in Texas. Very friendly people to deal with with a fine product that makes everything look very neat when installed. I am also not affilliated with them in any way, just a very satisfied customer in an age where most things do not live up to expectations".
"WHALER"        Ocean City New Jersey           5/ 2012

"No holes are drilled into the transom when using the Sternmate. Butter back of interior mounting plate with 2 part epoxy and attach to 91% IPA cleaned transom. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Then marry outer mounting plate (with transducer attached) to interior mounting plate. No screws penetrate the hull. That is why I purchased the plate, to avoid holes in the foam filled Whaler hull. Checked on epoxy mounted plate this morning, and you could stand on the thing and not have it move When assembled, the Sternmate looks like part of the transducer package, and gives a clean and professional looking appearance. Again, the advantage to using the product is there are no holes in the transom, and you have the ability to adjust the transducer up, down, and sideways to achieve your best sonar performance after installation. Can't do that with a piece of Starboard, or any other fixed plate".
21' Starcraft Islander
Humminbird 597 ci HD DI
​Daryl     Sasketchewan
"iboats" Boating Forum

"I am very happy with [my]SternMate mount and it worked just as they said it would. The Humminbird
597ci HD DI worked great. No problem reading depth at all speeds and no rooster tail.
And its glued on... no screws!"
Boston Whaler Dauntless  
A. Marciego    Miami FL

"Captain" Chris I would like to thank you for an incredible product [SternMate] that actually does what is is supposed to do.
The pictures are of my 1996 Boston Whaler Dauntless 15.  I've thoroughly tested the set-up and it has worked awesomely.
From 1-2 and 2-3 foot chop the set-up has performed flawlessly, accurate depth soundings at fast water speeds without
signal interruption. The set-up has been pounded in some rough chop down in the Florida Keyes and no adjustment was
needed. The set-up has not encountered any signal interruptions traveling at speeds greater than 40 mph".


"My SternMate is nearing a year since install and is working fabulous and still attached even after a mild sand bar grounding
while boating through Biscayne Bay, Miami. Ever since the picture [of my little Dauntless] appeared in your [Boat US] ad,
she expects to be waxed and polished every other week.  She’s “Star struck". Thank you for a great design and product".

Meet SternMate™ Owners
Lund Boat Owner         
Mark P.  -  Canada
Lowrance "Skimmer"

"My SternMate was such an easy installation. Like the instructions said, "take your time". Everyone knows that transducers can be very difficult to adjust and change out having to drill new holes, but SternMate has taken all of that headache and worry away. It just is not worth ruining your boat to mount a transducer. Adjustments are easy and I am amazed at my ability to mark bottom at speed. Simply put, SternMate is such a unique product and every boater should be using one. It just makes good sense."

22' Grady White - HD Side Scan
Doc S   Homassassa, FL    (Side Imaging Soft Forum)

"Every hull is different, but I had an amazingly good result after I used a SternMate mount with the stock HD sidescan transducer on my 22' Grady White. This did 2 things: it set the transducer back a few inches from the transom, which put it in cleaner water. It also let me fool around with a wider range of position adjustments than I could have done with the transducer screwed directly to the transom".

"Before I added the SternMate, I would lose bottom at anything over 10 mph. Now I can track bottom at WOT (45 mph) at depths out to 50 ft". 

"I have a through hull mounted Airmar B60 transducer as well as the transom mounted Humminbird. While the AirMar is better for bottom definition as slow speeds, it can't track bottom at speed nearly as well as the stock transducer with the SternMate".
 "It isn't all about screw-hole damage, leaks and boat devaluation, it's also about effective transducer installation, management and getting the most from your marine electronics". 
Jones Brothers 23 Bateau  -  Garmin 3210-GSD 22    6/28/2010)
B.Brooks  Newport, N.C.

Captain Chris,

"I got the SternMate Thursday and installed it on my Jones Brothers 23 Bateau that afternoon. Followed instructions to 
the letter and had absolutely no problems, instructions were excellent although I referenced the website actually more 
than the written instructions. After letting the adhesive set up I put the boat in the water this afternoon. (Saturday), I am
very pleased with the unit as I can hold bottom on my depth finder, (Garmin 3210-GSD 22) up to about 26 knots on fairly
smooth water, never could do that before, maybe 8-10 knots at best. I only had to make a couple of minor adjustments.
I really believe if I play around with my transducer a little more I can even do better".  

"Just wanted to thank you for a great product. Need a reference, I would be happy to anytime.

("SternMate™ user results following additional assistance with transducer adjustments)   7/5/2010

"Taking your advice and playing around with my adjustments, I have been able to read bottom up to 35 MPH [now], on my 23 Jones Brothers Bateau. As an owner of several of these boats, it is a feat I have never been able to achieve before. Thank you for a great product!!!!!!!!!!"
Cobia Pathfinder  - Lowrance LSS-1
T. Allen  New York   "SHALLOW MAGIC"

With the help of customer photgraphs and phone converation,
our new SternMate™ customer now enjoys the perfect mounting
location and the use of his LSS-1 electronics. 

"placement was perfect / your system works perfect very happy I
went with it /"
Grady White 23'  - Airmar P66 Installed on SternMate™
J. Delnick  MI
PP66 Airmar - 23ft Boston Whaler 
"Bluewater Pirate"  Hull Truth Forum
Nitro 185 Sport
K. Pfiel   McKinney TX

Captain Chris: "I met you at the Texas Hunting and Fishing show in 2010 in Arlington and talked to you at the show this
year. SternMate has held up very well. It has been on the boat for almost a year and a half and has withheld quite a
bit of fishing and skiing/tubing. SternMate has performed flawlessly....great product. Hope to see you at the Texas Fishing
and Hunting show again next winter".                                                          
Dan P.    Rayglass boat owner
"Down Under"

"It's amazing just how universal the SternMate transducer mounting system has been designed. There is an add-on bracket for every transducer mounting idea a boat owner could possibly think of. SternMate should be standard equipment on every boat...and no screwholes".
Smokercraft Milentia - Lowrance "SKIMMER"
R. Miyada       Vancouver WA

"SternMate™...solidly attached to the transom of my aluminum Smokercraft Millentia. Thanks for this product.
It beats drilling holes in the transom".

246 Shamrock Inboard   Humminbird Si
Middletown DE

SternMate with unique extension plate fabricated by customer. There was no sutable location to mount SternMate nearer the
running surface on this congested transom. Customer easily optimizes the signal of his Humminbird Si transducer.
26' Shamrock Inboard

Humminbird electronics installed on SternMate
for chartplotting
Gheenoe "fishing machine"
B. Turner    Lewisburg WV
 Big or Small...SternMate does it's job! 

"Pictured "is the installation {of SternMate} on my Gheenoe (square stern canoe). Even though it is close to my 5 h.p. motor,
the depth finder (Humminbird Down Imaging) works just fine even at top speed in the boat. Also, the tip of the transducer
just barely leaves enough room for the motor to turn."ig or Small...SternMate does it's job! Pictured "is the installation
{of SternMate} on my Gheenoe (square stern canoe). Even though it is close to my 5 h.p. motor, the depth finder
(Humminbird Down Imaging) works just fine even at top speed in the boat. Also, the tip of the transducer just barely leaves
enough room for the motor to turn."

Nautic Star
G. Lester  TN
Humminbird Side Imaging & Humminbird high
speed tranducer 
Carolina Skiff 198 DLV - Lowrance transducer
F. Vyse  FL

"Thanks for all your help. Here's a picture [of a
Lowrance transducer on SternMate with SetBack
Plate] on my Carolina Skiff  198 DLV..

Humminbird Side-Imaging (SI) transducer mount for my 2012 Skeeter TZX 190
"I think you'll find this mount worth every penny
(like I did). Not only is it functional..it's good lookin".

Fish ON! Rob
Ty Cobb     (Georgia)

     "I have bought made and tested hundreds of bass fishing and boating products and I will say SternMate™ is in the top 3 products I have ever run across [which] includes (satisfies) a need, price, [construction] and packaging. Whomever you guys have working in design and manufacturing are a top notch team not often found these days. Keep up the good work, and great products...a lifelong customer."    Thanks...

They [SternMate™] set the transducer back a few inches, sort of like a jack plate, which lets it run in [cleaner water] than right off the transom.
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