SternMate™ Sets the Standard for Transom-mounted Transducer Installation and Management 
Transducer installation and optimization frequent the majority of all marine electronics trouble shooting issues. Your SternMate™ system is the only transducer installation and management appliance to help you avoid   aggravating, and sometimes costly, transducer issues boat owners experience. The "old way" of transducer installation is problematic and obsolete. Learn how the SternMate™ system can help you improve the function of your marine electronics. Remove the guesswork and Follow the "RULES" for an effective transducer installation on any boat hull. 
TAKE CONTROL of your electronic high speed sonar transducers. 
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The SternMate™ transducer mounting system is the most unique, functionally engineered transducer mounting system of its kind available anywhere. Designed by marine professionals for damage-free transducer installation and high speed sounding optimization, the SternMate™ system is universal and configurable to suit most any transducer mounting scheme. Nanticoke Maritime understands all too well the complexity and inherent problems associated with transducer installation. It's daunting, it's damaging and it's misunderstood and most fail to consider the consequences until after the screw holes are drilled or transducer mounting plates glued/screwed on. The dynamics of water movement created by a fast moving boat can help or hinder you when it involves high speed transducer optimization. SternMate™ "covers the bases" when it comes to meeting your unique high speed and imaging transducer intallation requirements. Revered by the world's best informed boat owners, SternMate™ fits right in with the function and appearance of your favorite transducer(s) package. SternMate™ has gone the lengths to dramatically improve the way you install your transom-mounted transducer equipment. 
​Familiar knee-jerk reactions to common transducer problems
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SternMate™ Unique Features
  • High Speed Adhesive Transducer Installation (glue-on)
  • No Screw Holes   -    No Installation Damage
  • No Unsightly Transducer Mounting Boards
  • No Ineffective Transducer Mounting Plates or Blocks
  • Precison high speed transducer adjustments
  • Extreme duty marine components
  • Attractive engineered OEM design  
  • Fiberglass / Aluminum / Painted wood hulls 
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Fresh or salt water use
  • Any hull / Flat skiff Deadrise V hulls
  • No denied transducer (water in hull) install claims
  • UV protected  
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • "Set-Back" Plate included 
  • Refit or new installation
  • USA Patent / Other patents pending
  • Easy ​DIY or Dealer Install
  • Use your favorite transducer(s)
  • High-speed Transducers
  • Imaging Transducers
  • Multiple Transducers
  • Custom Transducers
  • Speed Wheels
  • Deadrise hulls
  • Flat bottom skiff  
  • Universal  and Configurable  -  High speed adhesive installation
  • Unique accessory for "Stepped-transom" hulls  
  • Accessories for any transducer mounting scheme
High speed "Skimmer" Transducer   
LSS-1/LSS-2  Structure Scan
Side Imaging (SI)      
Side Scan       
Down Scan
Boston Whaler/Garmin
Starcraft Islander Humminbird 597 ci DI
    #1              #2                #3               #4              #5              #6                #7
      #8               #9             #10             #11              #12          #13             #14
#1 Ranger Bay Boat/Humminbird
#2 Carolina Skiff/Sternmate - Lowrance
#3 Jones Bros Skiff/Garmin
#4 SternMateDUO™ 
​#8 Jet Boat Multiple Transducers
#9 Ranger LSS-1 Stepped-transom  
#10 Pathfinder/LSS-1
#11 Tracker Setback Transom 
​#5 Nautic Star Multiple Humminbirds
#6 Ranger/LSS-1 Under Setback
#7 Gheenoe/Humminbird
​#12 Nautic Star V hull "SKIMMER"
#13 Skeeter/Humminbird
​#14 Grady White/Airmar P66
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YOUR Transducer Under YOUR Control
​​Blame placed on equipment - Drill more holes - Call customer service (suggests reading the manual) - Assume transducer is in wrong place or "faulty" -  Some think “turbulance or “dirty water” problems - Poor boat design - Cheaply made transducer - “Professional” installer failed me - Fishing "forum pros" well-intended advice - Vague transducer installation guide - Relocate X'ducer to another ineffective location - Look over the transom for more "clean water" 
SternMate™ is the best way to mount your high speed transducer, imaging  transducers, on your aluminum, fiberglass or wood boat
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SternMate™ transducer mounting system can easily be installed on most all boats. Some of the types of boats that use transom-mounted transducers for fish-finders, depth-finders, sonar and fish locators are:

All-Purpose Fishing Boats   Aluminum Fishing Boats    Fish and Ski   Bass Boats    Bowriders    Flat Boats    Bass boats    Center Console  Bow Runabouts  Welded Boats   Center Console   CC    Closed Bow Runabouts    Center Console    Closed Bow Runabouts    Cuddy Cabins    Deck Boats    Houseboats     Dinghies   Electric Boats    Multi-Hull Power Boats    Catamarans    Jet Boats   Performance Boats    Pontoon Boats    Stern Drive boats    Cruisers    Skiffs    I/O Inboard-Outboard Walkaround boats   Sailboats    Runabouts    Outboard boats    Electric boats    Row boats    Fishing boats     Fiberglass boats  Steel boats  Painted Wood boats   
Marine electronics manufacturers of fish-finder, transducers, depth-finder, sonar and fish locator, transducer mount equipment:​
EAGLE    Furuno    Garmin    Humminbird   Lowrance    Norcross Marine  Northstar TechnologiesSI-TEX    Raymarine    SIMRAD    Northstar    Tacktick    Uniden    Navionics    Standard Horizon   ​
Disclaimer: The aformentioned marine electronics manufacturers do not endorse SternMate products. 
About SternMate™  -  It's About Time!
The SternMate™ Transducer System Makes All the Difference
YOUR Transducer Out of Control
SternMate™ effectively repostions your favorite high speed transducer  aftward  and up...where it belongs, allowing it to "skim", not plow, in the elevating displaced water created by your fast moving boat. Common transducer brackets are functionally inadequate and do not permit the latitude you need for proper transducer placement and "fine-tune" adjustment for precision high speed optimization. A transducer, installed directly to the transom (or on a screw-sacrificial poly x'ducer mounting board), places it much to closely to the boat and forces the transducer to "run" in an already agitated waterflow (the "trough) easily compromising your sounding. All too often, the installer fails to considers the multitude of problems destined  to occur once the screw-holes are drilled. SternMate™ can assist dramatically with virtually limitless adjustments, transducer changeouts and will, no doubt, help maintain your boats' value...all in the spirit of avoiding transducer installation damages. Without the SternMate™ system, you're certain to expect problems, including that obnoxious rooster-tail!
 Your transducer was designed to"surf "
No Drilling  -   No Screw holes   -   No Damage   -   No Transducer Mounting Boards   
High Speed Adhesive  -  Engineered for High Speed Transducer Optimization  
The Most Important OEM Transducer Mounting System Ever Developed
...the RULES have changed
A poorly installed transducer can make a bad situation even worse...much worse! And, we don't want to see you do that.
The "trough" is no place for a transducer
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The "Original" SternMate™ Transducer Mounting System

​Built exactly right